Rise and Set

I can never get bored of sunrise and sunset.

They are just mesmerizing.

Reminding that being ALIVE is the highest privilege on Earth.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
― Albert Einstein


Sunrise at 7 am from the residence


Sunset at 7 am from the library


Graduate Blues

I wrote this song went I moved to Singapore last summer to do my PhD at NUS. This is a classic 12-bar blues progression. The letters in brackets refer to the guitar chords. The blues was composed in the key of E, but can be played in other keys of course.

Disclaimer: all political references in the song are for fun purpose and are not to be taken seriously.



Verse I

(E) I live on the campus of NUS
(E) I came here to study political jazz
(A) Politics here, politics there
(E) Theoretical debates everywhere
(H) It’s hot in the city (A)
(E) But I don’t care (H)

(E) Because I like to read, to write and discuss
(E) And make presentations in front of the class
(A) And just between you and me
(E) I need to read sixty books for QE (!)
(H) But it’s OK because I’ve got my (A)
(E) Ecstasy (H)


(E) It is graduate blues
(E) Ah-ah, graduate blues
(A) Yea-a-h, graduate blues
(E) M-m-m, graduate blues
(H) And it feels right as long as goes (A)
(E) Graduate blues (H)

Verse II

(E) So in four years I’ll get my PhD
(E) And all politicians can consult with me
(A) Watch out Obama, I’ll throw you a banana
(E) And if you don’t like it – sweet home, Alabama
(H) And don’t you smile, President Putin (A)
(E) Political theory kills better than shooting (H)


(E) I know because I have graduate blues
(E) Ah-ah, graduate blues
(A) Yea-a-h, graduate blues
(E) M-m-m, graduate blues
(H) And it feels cool as long as goes (A)
(E) Graduate blues (H)

Guitar intermission

Verse III

(E) Oh maybe I should stay away from politics?
(E) Don’t wanna spend the rest of my live in mental clinics
(A) I’d rather become a real big Prof
(E) Giving lectures that knock people off
(H) In any case I’ve got nothing to lose (A)
(E) Because I’ve got you and this graduate blues (H)


(E) We’ve got graduate blues
(E) We sing graduate blues
(A) We dance graduate blues
(E) We live graduate blues
(H) And you’ve got nothing to lose (A)
(E) With graduate blues! (H)



Inside Singapore: Chinese Garden – Китайский сад в Сингапуре

Chinese Garden is a park in Singapore in the Jurong East district that is easily accessible via the East West MRT line.

There are actually two gardens – the Chinese and the Japanese ones – connected by a stone bridge.

Each of them has a unique atmosphere and is a great place for getting away from the city’s hustle-bustle and immersing into a serene environment.

Note: click on an image to view a brief description.

Китайский сад – это парк в Сингапуре в районе Джуронг Ист, до которого легко добраться на ветке метро “Восток-Запад”.

Здесь находятся два сада, которые соединены между собой каменным мостом.

В каждом из них свой дух. Каждый – прекрасное место, куда можно сбежать от городской суеты в атмосферу спокойствия и умиротворенности.

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Inside Singapore: Casa Clementi, a Typical Housing Estate – Каса Клементи: типичный жилой район Сингапура

Most Singaporeans live in the so-caled HDB flats. HDB stands for Housing and Development Board. This is a governmental body that runs public housing in the country. HDB flats are organized into residential communities which look like “small towns” with schools, churches, hawker centers (food courts), supermarkets, and sports facilities.

Today I will show you a typical HDB housing estate called Casa Clementi. Its description is available on the HDB’s website here. Casa Clementi has also its own website that can be accessed here.

As usual, click on any photo to access the picture gallery with comments.

Большинство сингапурцев живет в домах-панельках HDB. HDB – это государственный орган, который занимается строительством и благоустройством социальнного жилья. Квартиры HDB строятся небольшими городками. Каждая такая община состоит из нескольких домов-многоэтажек и включает в себя церковь, школу, столовую, супермаркет, детскую и спортивную площадки.

Сегодня я покажу один из таких спальных райончиков под названием “Каса Клементи”. Про эту общину можно прочитать на сайте HDB здесь. Также у общины есть свой сайт здесь.

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Inside Singapore: Botanic Gardens – Сингапурский Ботанический Сад

This Friday I went out for a walk in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. This is A UNSCO world heritage site. The Gardens are quite big and very beautiful. The entrance is free; the opening hours are from 5 am till midnight. I just took a short stroll along the Northern part, as well checked out the National Orchid Garden.

В эту пятницу я вышел на прогулку в Сингапурский Ботанический Сад, который входит во всемирный фонд наследия ЮНЕСКО. Сад, а точнее сады, большие и очень красивые. Вход в сад свободный, а открыт он с 5 утра и до 12 ночи. Я немного прогулялся вдоль северной части, а также заглянул в Национальный Сад Орхидей.

Inside Singapore: Marina Bay Area – Сингапур: Марина Бэй

On the 1st of August NUS organized a walking tour around the Marina Bay area, which included visiting such landmarks as the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Gardens by the Bay. I will make separate detailed posts about each of these sights. This post gives a brief overview of the whole Bay area.

1-ого августа НУС организовал пешую экскурсию вокруг залива Марина Бэй, включая посещение таких достопримечательностей, как отель Марина Бэй Сэндс и Сады у залива. Про эти места я сделаю отдельные репортажи. А в этом посте сделаем краткий обзор местности.

NUS – internal shuttle – НУС – внутренний автобус

This gallery post is about internal shuttle services provided by the National University of Singapore. The university’s campus is so big that there are several internal buses operating regularly.

Этот фотоотчет расскажет о внутренних автобусах Национального университета Сингапура. Кампус университета настолько большой, что внутри оперируют несколько автобусных маршрутов.