Research Areas

Global Political Economy, Critical Political Economy, Critical Social Theory

Research Interests

International and comparative political economy, critical political economy, Karl Polanyi’s legacy, political philosophy, alternatives to liberalism, identity politics, populist nationalism, political sociology, party politics, martial arts studies

Dissertation Project

My doctoral dissertation explored the relationship between the structural transformation of nation-states under neoliberal globalization (from nation-states to capital-states) and the surge of populist nationalism (neo-nationalism). I drew on Karl Polanyi’s study of the “great transformation” and focused on the OECD countries over the period 1980-2015. My case studies included France, Australia, Hungary, and South Korea.


The Rise of the Capital-State and Neo-Nationalism: a New Polanyian Moment
Brill Global Populisms series

The Rise of the Capital-State: A New Polanyian Moment
Globalizations, 18(4)

Voting for Jobbik and Front National: Nostalgic, Deprived, and Status-Frustrated
European Review of International Studies
, 8(1)

Northeast Asian Modern Martial Arts: An Embodied Synthesis of Virtue Ethics and Deontology
The International Journal of the History of Sport

Manuscripts in Progress

Development for Whom? The case of USAID in the Ukrainian Donbas

Karl Polanyi, Amartya Sen, and Universal Basic Income

Beyond the pandemic: the promise of degrowth in the Global South

Datasets in Repositories

Capital-State Index (CSI) (link to Figshare)
35 OECD countries / 36 years (1980-2015)

Neo-Nationalist Vote (link to Figshare)
35 OECD countries / 36 years (1980-2015)

Double Movements (link to Figshare)
35 OECD countries / 36 years (1980-2015)