Project Management

Project management is an excellent opportunity to test or develop leadership skills, unite a team of committed individuals under your guidance, and make contributions to your community. There can be little as rewarding as watching an initial idea unfolding into real life. Project management is undoubtedly a powerful avenue for personal and professional growth.


JAN 2016 – PhD MindSkills workshop, National University of Singapore

Organized a mini-workshop for the NUS Political Science and Sociology graduate students to develop psychological capital, namely HERO skills (Hope, Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism). In the course of the 2-hour interactive workshop the participants learned to:

  • Build a motivated purpose through a seven-step process;
  • Enhance a sense of confidence to support taking action to move ahead;
  • Build resilience and self-compassion to cope with inevitable setbacks;
  • Develop a personal plan to build his or her mind skills and effectiveness habits further.

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MAR 2014 – MAY 2015 – Albemarle EMEA Customer Satisfaction project, Budapest, Hungary

Developed and implemented brand new customer satisfaction measurement process. Achievements during the project:

  • Sharpened the company’s awareness about the need to serve customers with passion and excellence;
  • Designed and implemented Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to measure the level of service provided by Customer Service Team to the customers;
  • Introduced customer satisfaction measurement process to the corporate environment.

SEP 2014 – Albemarle Summer Olympic Games, Budapest, Hungary

Organized a 1-day sports event for Albemarle employees to promote sports, healthy life-style and positive attitude within the company.

FEB – MAY 2014 – Dalian CS3 start-up, Dalian, China

As member of the Project Team, was responsible for training the hired personnel in Customer Service Management at the newly set up Albemarle regional office in Dalian, China. Achievements during the project:

  • Trained 9 individuals in the business processes of Customer Service and Export Coordination during Phase I of the project (February 2014);
  • Helped to resolve operational issues on site during the roll-out of the new Customer Service Centre;
  • Conducted follow-up improvement trainings during Phase II (May 2014).

OCT 2012 – Albemarle International Food Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Organized and implemented a charity food festival to promote cultural diversity within Albemarle stuff.

Project’s key achievements:

  • Raised awareness about cultural diversity within Albemarle staff, with dishes from nearly 20 countries represented at the festival;
  • Raised and donated 250 EUR to an Albemarle employee for the medical treatment of leukemia. As of today, the colleague is fully recovered;
  • Reinforced team morale and the necessity of mutual supportiveness on site.



MAY 2016 – ongoing – Ukraine Democracy Initiative, associate member


MAY 2014 – DEC 2017 – Life Without Barriers project, Kyiv, Ukraine

Based on the Small Grant Award by the U.S. Department of State, ran a community service project to produce a film (The Only Circle) featuring distinguished disabled individuals from different parts of Ukraine.

Project’s objectives:

  • Raise public awareness towards the issue of dіsability, change way people think and act towards disabled people by shooting and broadcasting a documentary film about five outstanding Ukrainian handicapped individuals;
  • Following broadcast of the film and public reaction, raise funds to establish a Disabilities Defense Forum (website) to promote, protect and advance civil rights of Ukrainians with disabilities;
  • Use the idea of social responsibility towards others as the guiding principle that can unite Ukraine struggling with contradictions since Euromaidan, and demonstrate that our destinies are in our hands.


JAN – SEP 2012 – Employee’s Skills Kit workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine

Based on the Project Smile Award by the U.S. Department of State, developed and implemented a community service project in the form of a workshop for the selected disabled young individuals in Kyiv.

Project’s key achievements:

  • Equipped 15 disabled individuals from Kyiv and Kyiv region with practical job-searching skills for the disabled;
  • Provided guidance on preparing a CV and completing application forms, performing well at interviews and assessment centers;
  • Provided legal counseling on sensitive issues such as disclosure of a disability and entitlements granted by the state.


JAN 2009 – SEP 2011 – Charity For Happy Childhood project, Pavlograd, Ukraine

Developed and implemented a community service project aiming to sharpen public awareness towards the problem of social responsibility by raising money in order to improve playground facilities in the Pavlograd neighborhood for the sake of sound development of children.

Project’s key achievements:

  • Raised public awareness (local people, authorities and business structures) towards the problem of limited conditions for full development of children;
  • Installed a children’s playground in one of the local parks for a better development of children and leisure for young families;
  • United local community through aid to children, as well as encouraged youth to contribute to their communities;
  • Consolidated trust for charity events, set an example that such events are an effective way to improve life conditions;
  • Made a step in creating an environment where care for younger generation of Ukraine is a natural and integral part of the whole society.


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