Community Service

Community service has been an important part of my life since 2009. I believe serving others is one of the best way to develop yourself. For more insights please refer to my post The Four Temples Of Human Life.

Some of my public service highlights are:

Charity, fund-raising and project management: completed Charity For Happy Childhood project; implemented Employee’s Skills Kit workshop for the disabled youth of Kiev; organized International Food Festival for the locals of Budapest; acted as a film producer (“The Only Circle”) for the Life Without Barriers project.

– Teaching: acted as a company internal coach at the last workplace: designed and implemented Self-Management Course, including Time Management, Stress Management, E-mail Etiquette, and Conflict Prevention; running an informal taekwon-do training group at the National University of Singapore.

– Contributor to Hvyla (“Wave”), an independent Ukrainian media outlet;, a community of activists struggling against fake information; and ISIS Europe blog on the issues of International and European Security.

For detailed list of my completed and running public service projects please refer to the Project Management section of my website.



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