Kyoto (1): Transport, Buddhist temple, and people

This September I had an opportunity to visit Kyoto, Japan.

Although the trip was academic and very short, I couldn’t miss the chance to explore – at least a beat – the old capital of Japan.

My first impression of Kyoto: many temples, shrines, bicycles, and very polite people.


JR – Japan Rail. Let the journey begin!


On my way to Kyoto from Kansai airport I decided to get off at Osaka (Shin-Osaka train station).


In Japan you can find these super convenient automated lockers at train stations. They have different sizes and are easy to operate.


I left my luggage and went to explore the Shin-Osaka station.


Japanese people love automation. Ordering food from these screens is normal.


Simple and enjoyable. I thought the tea in the pot is for drinking, but it turned out I had to pour it over the rice.


A bookstore at the train station: many colourful books, magazines, children’s books.


This is what I bought: a study book to learn kanji (Japanese characters). The main character is … Poop :). It is a bestseller for kids in Japan! More about this phenomenon can be found here.


The modern architecture of the Kyoto train station.


The Kyoto Tower just outside the Kyoto station at night.


I didn’t go up, as it seemed too touristic.


Catching a subway train from downtown. The subway is not to big, and it’s expensive.


Here is a a subway map. Before entering the station, you can have a look at it to calculate the fare, and buy your from the ticket machine accordingly.  


In case you you overpaid – either because you entered the wrong price, or got off earlier – you can get your change at these fare adjustment machines.


The first glimpse of Kyoto: Karasuma street (one of the main streets) with the Buddhist temple and Kyoto Tower in the background.


A big bird is guarding the temple.


And another one at the entrance.


A great place to jump into clam amidst the busy town. The temple is open to public for free.


Karasuma street near the inn where I stayed. Although this is one of the mains streets, the traffic is not busy at all. Besides, many people use bicycles in Kyoto.


There are many cyclists, although not so many bike lanes.


Time to enjoy the dinner of soup, beef dish, and salad.


This is a very typical eating place with the table going around the room in a square shape.

Good bye, day 1!



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