The Green Corridor

The Green Corridor in Singapore is a pleasant walking route along an old rail track.

This week my friends and I explored a small section of it stretching between King Albert Park and Holland Road.

To summarize in three words: Nature, History, Life.


The route starts from King Albert Park bus and MRT stop with a railway bridge across Bukit Timah Road.


A nice surreal feeling to see this in the middle of the global city, 


772 indicates the distance in kn till Penang in northern Malaysia.


Dogs on promenade on Monday morning.


The old Bukit Timah railway station.


Less then a hundred meters from a busy road – and you are in the world of tranquility, birds, and green lush.


Finishing at an upscale and serene resident “greenleaf” district: Greenleaf Drive, Greenleaf Lane, and Greenleaf Road not far from Holland Village.

A great photo guide and description of the Green Corridor is available here.

Once again I have come to realize that Singapore, paradoxically, is small but big.


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