Xin chao, Phan Thiet

After spending a night in Saigon, I went to Phan Thiet, a coastal town in Southeast Vietnam. The experience was exactly what I craved for – very few tourists compared to resorts like Mui Ne or Vung Tau, the abundance of local spirit, warm and welcoming people.


A train from Saigon Railway station leaves at 6.40 and arrives in Phan Thiet a 10.25.


Welcome to Phan Thiet. Already from the railways station I could feel the peace and tranqulity of the place.


Took a motor taxi to the hotel. The driver took me to a restaurant with the same name instead. But a local man gave me a ride to my destination for free. What struck me first was that the traffic was MUCH less compared to Saigon. 


View from the hotel.


In the room.


Local beach.

Since the traffic was OK, I rented a scooter for the day. I was also fortuante to meet a sweet local girl Kat who showed me around the city that day and the following one.


Run, Forrest, run!


Kat’s mother preparing a super tasty dinner. The name of this place is Banh Can Duyen. It is very local, and must not be missed!


The taste was unreal.


Local youth chilling out at the park. This zone was supposed to be a shopping mall.


Playing “kik-ball”. NO to shopping malls, YES to parks!


Sunrise at the beach the day after. I exercised for a bit and dipped my legs into the water – it was quite warm.


Serenity in town.


No Vietnamese city can be imagined without karaoke.


View of the sea from the highway the day after. 


The sea of boats.


We arrived at the Fairy Stream – a great place for a chilled walk in the morning.


Welcome to the jungle.


After a while the trees are replaced by the walls of sand and stones. 


Business spirit: a cafe in the water.


At the end (at the beginning, actually) of the Fairy Stream there is a waterfall. The other side of the stream flows into the sea.


Famous sand dunes on the way back.


Local sweets treated by Kat’s family.

Phan Thiet is a fantasic place to relax after the hustle-bustle of a big city. The photos above are just a few snapshots and do not convey the emptions I had there. I will always remember the kindness of the people who had made my expereince a memorable one.


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