Mingalabar, Yangon: day (night) 1

Hello, Myanmar,

I begin my humble exploration of your treasures and wonders, cities and nature, people and culture.

A good start is Yangon, your largest city and the former capital.

So, ready – steady – go!


Take me down to Yangon city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.


Felt very tired after the flight, yet decided to explore the night market anyway. The “market”, located by the Yangon river, is a stretch of food stalls squeezed between two noisy roads. I had two sticks of delicious barbecue chicken with some spicy sauce for dinner.


Typical doors in downtown. I made the same mistake several times by pushing and pulling the doors. They need to be slid sideways instead. 


Cannot make anything of the Burmese language except “Happy Sky” and “Win City”. As it turned out, I took the wrong (non-touristic) entrance in the building.


Now this makes more sense.


Backpacker (Bed & Breakfast) is the best hostel I have ever stayed in. The rooms are for four people, have their own bathroom, cozy beds, lockers, and jazzy curtains for privacy.


At midnight I literally switched off and slept like a log till 8 am.

My brightest impression from this night was a cab ride from the airport with a friendly driver, Burmese pop and rock music on the radio, and city lights passing by.

See you tomorrow, Yangon.


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