Saturday Ritual

According to the National Parks Board, there are 424 parks in Singapore.

Suppose you would visit one park per weekend. There are 52 weeks in a year. So it would take approximately 8 YEARS just to see the local parks.

Together with all the heritage trees and roads, skyrise greeneries and community gardens, the number is over 1600, making it 31 YEARS.

As wise men said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. So a good friend of mine and myself have been doing Saturday morning walks to and through Singapore’s parks.

West Coast Park, a coastal park stretched along stretched along West Coast Highway, is one of our favourites.


Good morning, West Coast: saying hello to the greenery, birds, and fresh air.


The park is connected to the sea. The views at night with ships sparkling in the background are especially good. 


Early morning over the sea.


Run, Forrest, run!


It’s not even 8 am yet, and kids are playing already.


Nothing can be better than a kaya and butter toast at Ya Kun family cafe. Well-deserved after a 1.5-hour walk. 


The coffee with condensed milk combined with hearty and intelligent conversations is pretty amazing too. 

In sum: a perfect beginning of a weekend.


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