Sydney: day 3

Today I finally ventured to swim in the cold Pacific ocean. It was unforgettable.


Starting the day in the Rushcutters Bay Park. Australians (at least those in Sydney) seem to be pretty sporty and active.


Taking the double-decker train to the University of Sydney for a lecture.


After the lecture I decided to go to the Bronte Beach and have a swim despite the rain. In the photo: Bronte Park.


I spotted only one crazy man  in the water like me. It was really cold, windy, and drizzling. But I could not miss a chance. So I took a shot of Jack Daniel’s (prepared beforehand) to warm up, ran into the water my neck high, and immediately out. It was super cold, super wavy, and super refreshing. A truly amazing feeling.


Taking a bus to another beach- the fourth one so far, and the last one. In the picture: cute bus stop near St. Catherine’s school.


And here is the Coogee Beach located in another suburb of Sydney. On the left side there is a coastal walk. As I mentioned earlier, you can take a walk along all the beaches in Sydney.


Very few people in this early spring season and rainy weather. I sat on the bench, having my tasty fish and chips, and enjoying the views. By the way, the place where I got fish and chips from is called “Chish N Fips” :).


The sun is back over the Coogee Bay Road.

I was back to “the base” after sunset, happy and trilled with another portion of precious experience.


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