Sydney: day 2

The highlights of this day are walks, parks, bays, beaches, fresh fruit, and of course friendly and open Australians.


Since I love parks, I was advised to check out the Rushcutters Bay Park not far from Kings Cross. Besides, I was to live in the area for the remaining days. So I headed from the hostel to the park first day in the morning. In the picture:cool local graffiti on the way in the Woolloomoolo district.


Quiet Victoria street in the morning.


I reached the destination in about 20 minutes. In the picture: the crossing of the Greenknowe Ave and Roslyn Gardens close to the park.


And  here we go: Rushcutters Bay Park.


The park is just next to the charming Rushcutters Bay.


What a great place to be in the morning: people, animals, and nature.


In the morning I moved to a studio flat kindly offered by a kind person and professor whom I am fortunate to know. Exploring the neighborhood: Macleay St.


Birds communicating next to the El-Alamein Memorial Fountain on the corner of Darlinghurst Rd and Macleay St.


Apartment blocks in my new place.


Time for breakfast after a cold-morning walk and exercise: Harris Farm Markets offers a wide range of super fresh and tasty fruit …


… as well as dozens sots of fish …


… and delicious Australian fish that can be fried or grilled right there. Not to try all that would have been a grave sin.


After the breakfast I headed for the popular with tourists and families Darling Harbour. In the photo: Chinatown and schoolkids next to the Harbour.


Another group of kids next to the Chinese Garden of Friendship.


Park at the Darling Harbour with lots of open space.


People are chatting, playing, and enjoying the sun.


Cool playground.


The Darling Harbour.


Bird fountain at the Cockle Bay Wharf.


For lunch I headed to the University of Sydney again to meet a friend who is doing a postdoc. In the photo: a bridge in the Victoria Park next to the uni.


Students chilling out on the grass.


In the afternoon I started discovering the famous Sydney beaches. The first was the Bondi Beach easily accessible by bus form the Bondi Junction.


Beach art.


The sand, the ocean, and the fresh spring greenery. The water is still cold in this season, but surfers don’t care of course.


From the Bondi Beach one can take a coastal walk all the way south past by many Sydney’s beaches. Probably all the way till the end of Australia?


The coastal trail.


A great spot to stand at (or jump from).


Just the before the Tamarama Beach on the way: I can’t think of a best place to exercise. Which I did with a local names Jules.


That white dog is super cool!


Tamarama Beach: easy to reach in half an hour via the coastal trail from the Bondi Beach.

At night I went out to “The Midnight Special”, a cozy bar located in Newtown, a funky suburb of Sydney and a centre for entertainment activities. There I hanged out with a lecturer from another town in Australia. We drank and talked about the topics we share – political science and martial arts – as well as tried to establish connections between the two.

Summing up the day: another day in in paradise!


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