Sydney: day 1

I have dreamt about going to Australia for a few years. My dream started to realize eventually with a short visit to Sydney. It’s hard to be objective as a tourist, but overall my impressions are positive. This is definitely a city I’d love to live and work in.

Below are some snapshots of the trip. As usual, I am sharing them mainly for my family. Still, everyone else is more than welcome to comment and share their impressions if they happened to be in Sydney.


First taste of pubic transport: inside a double-storey train. Getting from the airport to the city centre is quick and fast. The ride from the airport to the downtown costs around 18 AUD; short ride within a city is around 1.50 AUD, the price increasing with distance. Sydney’s local and inter-city trains form one common network.


First look at the city: Hyde Park at St. James station. Clean, warm, and green.


Archibald Fountain. The fountain is named after J. F. Archibald, a journalist and publisher who donated the money for the memorial in order to share his love for French culture and commemorate the alliance between Australia and France during World War One.


Entrance to the park from Macquarie Street. Lachlan Macquarie was an influential colonial governor.


Local residents of the park.


Archibald Fountain with  St. Mary’s Cathedral in the background.


Hello, Sydney!


September is early spring in Sydney. People in the park are enjoying the first warm weather after the winter.


And some people are sunbathing already.


Walking towards the hostel: the Domain Pitches park on the way.


The Elephant Backpacker hostel: my stay for the first night. The price is relatively cheap: 25 AUD per night in an 8-bed room.


The harbour at Circular Quay station. Most ferries depart from here.


Sydney Harbour Bridge, or “the Bridge” in the background. The Bridge connects Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore.


The Bridge is best seen from the Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Opera House: the city’s landmark and one of the most famous buildings in the world.


Front view to the podium and roofs of the Opera House.


View from the coastal trail along net to the Royal Botanic Garden.


The Royal Botanic Garden was opened in 1816 and celebrates 200 years this year.


An absolutely great place to chill out.


The Garden. the flowers, and the Bridge.


People enjoying warm spring sunrays next to the Lotus Pond.


The birds are enjoying too :).


These benches are irresistible.


Trio: the Garden, the Opera, and the Bridge.


I finished my day by visiting the University of Sydney where I had a meeting with a professor. The Quadrangle building with the clock tower was designed after Oxford and Cambridge.


This student must be studying ornithology here.

So far for the first day. It was rounded by the pizza dinner with the professor and a night walk in the Kings Cross district. I slept like a log and woke up fresh to embrace the new day.


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