Incredible Asia: Bali (3)

In Bali it’s easy to relax and reconnect with yourself despite traffic jams, reckless drivers, enormous heat, and sometimes dirty beaches.

All you need is positive attitude, and Bali will pay you the same.

You always get what you give.

Rollei Digital Camera

Fresh watermelon juice is super tasty.

лак-лак - балийский десерт с сыром

And so is Balinese cake “lak-lak”.


Local guys going to a ceremony. Bali is an island of thousand temples. Besides, there is a small temple in every house!

в храм только в саронге

Ready to attend a Buddhist Goa Goja temple in Ubud.

лувак - животное-производитель кофе

At the coffee and tea plantation: unique animal luwak that “produces” coffee beans by eating coffee cherries and defecating them. The result – “kopi luwak” – is one of the most famous and expensive coffees in the world.


Freshly “produced” coffee beans :).

на кофейной плантации

Time for degustation

к пляжу сквозь пещеру

To the beach through the cave

ради этого стоило приехать

Very photogenic Pandang beach popular with surfers

закат над Индийским океаном

Jimbaran beach: absolutely my favourite in Bali. Swimming in the warm Indian ocean at sunset is very soothing, almost like magic.


Dinner at the beach. The airport is quite close. As the sun sets, it’s great to listen to the waves and watch the “stars falling” (planes landing) every 5 minutes.


Let there be light.

вечеринка в отеле

Friday pizza party at the ESS guesthouse

мировое время в аэропорту Бали

Time to say good-bye

On the very last day, or actually night, just before the early morning plane, we went to the Kuta party area famous for its clubs. The experience was crazy, and I would like to leave it behind the scene.

For now, terima kasih, Bali. Or, as they say in Balinese, suksma!


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