Incredible Asia: Bali


Selamat Pagi!

Our final destination for this Asian trip was incredible Bali, Indonesia. We spent five days in this magic place. Even though it was almost purely “touristic” experience, I enjoyed every single hour of it.

I think Bali is popular because it can meet every demand and taste. Whether you like beaches, nature, hiking, extreme sports, culture, or parties all night long – Bali has it all. But above all, like anywhere, it’s the Balinese people that make the island so special.

I have made tons of photos after the trip. I decided to pick just some of them for the next few posts to give an idea why Bali is not to be missed.

So here we go.

в аэропорту Бали

Arrived in the Ngurah Rai International airport (Denpasar). The first impressions of Bali were very positive: modern, clean, beautiful airport with very polite and helpful staff.

зал прибытия

In the arriving hall: time to rent a car. Prices for car rental are very reasonable in Bali. We were assisted by a super sweet woman and a nice guy named Yoga.

тропическая зелень у аэропорта

Tropical lush near the airport

едем в гостиницу

On the way to the guesthouse


In the countryside: welcome to ESS (“Eat, Sleep, Skate”).

гостиница утопает в зелени

Drowning in the garden of green

гигантские двери-окна

Super big glass door that I absolutely loved

живая ванная

Natural shower

бассейн в трех шагах от комнаты

Swimming pool with refreshing water


And another natural shower :).

скейт-парк нашего отеля

The place was originally a skating park founded by a famous French skateman. It was later turned into a cozy gueshouse.

Rollei Digital Camera

On the road

первый балийский пляж

Our first beach the following day: Mengiat beach

воздушный корабль

Up in the air

попивая кокосовый сок

Three musketeers chilling out


Sunset over the ocean

To sum up the first two days, my biggest impressions were: the aiprort, our amazing residence (including a very friendly owner, and the guitar which I love playing), swimming in the ocean, and the traditional Balinese massage.

Balinese massage deserves special mentioning.

It was something out of this world: special massage cloth and cover, the lady in traditional Balinese dress, soft music and candle, gentle but strong touch, oils and smells, a soothing mask on the face… And all this arranged by the owner right in our gueshouse. For me, it felt like an authentic cultural ritual rather than just a massage.

Terima kasih, Bali!


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