Incredible Asia: Bali (2)

One of my most memorable moments from Bali is mount Batur sunrise trekking. Batur is an active volcano that erupted in 2000 for the last time. The trip was absolutely breath-taking and inspiring.

восхождение на вулкан рано утром

We were picked at 2.30 a.m. from the guesthouse and started climbing at 4 a.m. There were scores of people. Our own group had 5 people and a local guide named Masta.

предрассветный час

It was very cold in the beginning, then got warmer after we started walked. As we climbed up, the views around us were stunning.

солнце вот-вот взойдет

A moment before the sunrise

рассвет на вершине вулкана

With friends at the top. In the background mount Agung can be seen, the highest point in Bali.

прямо в облаках

After 2 hours of climbing there came the sun around 6 am. The view and the feeling were fantastic.

Rollei Digital Camera

Guardian of the roof

Rollei Digital Camera

Food is life!

вулканический кратер

Volcano crater

Rollei Digital Camera

Hot steam coming out of the mountain.


Rainbow from above

вулкан в виде кота

Mount Batur seen from below. Looks like a cat :).

жареный рис с курицей по-балийски

Time to restore energy with Balinese fried rice…

термальный источник

… and with warm thermal waters.

обед после восхождения

Our group of climbers: having a lunch in a restaurant overlooking the volcano that we had climbed previosuly that day.

During the same day we also visited a coffee and tea plantation, and went to another beach. I’ll cover this in the next post. What a super day full of impressions this was!



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