Incredible Asia: Bangkok

Our last destination in Thailand was Bangkok, the capital. We spent only one day there. When already on the plane from the city, a fellow passenger told me she could live in Thailand. As she said, “Things are easy there”.

Maybe it’s true. I really don’t know. Although I guess it’s very subjective. After one day I couldn’t say I could stay in Bangkok. Yet I felt spending more time could change my mind, and I truly enjoyed the day anyway.

For me Bangkok will remain as a city of tuk-tuks, friendly people, tasty food, massage, and streetwalkers.


Taking a tuk tuk to the hotel with an wesome local driver. There will be many tuk tuks during this day.


No clue what that motto in the hotel room means :).

Rollei Digital Camera

Welcome to Bangkok.

Rollei Digital Camera

The hustle-bustle of Thailand’s capital.

Rollei Digital Camera

Another tuk-tuk: going somewhere.


Street food is the best.

Rollei Digital Camera

Enjoying the local taste


And another stylish pinky tuk-tuk


Going out for dinner to the popular Terminal 21 mall.


Replica of the Golden Bridge inside the mall.


Lots of people. lots of cheap and tasty food.


When in Thailand, you’ll be offered massage at every corner, including “special massage”.


Thank you and good-bye Bangkok and Thailand. Time to move on!


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