Incredible Asia: Phuket

Our second and penultimate destination in Thailand was Phuket island. Perhaps Phuket brought the brightest impresssions from the country, at least for me. While Phuket is famous for its beaches and night life, my best memories are associated with local people.


This is how local buses look like in Krabi. Gone with the wind, real fun.


After hanging out at the Krabi bus terminal for a while, talking to local women selling snacks, and meeting a funny policeman, we took a slow intercity bus to Phuket. In the photo: on the way to Phuket.


Cute local bus in Phuket. The conductor on the bus was even cuter.


Negotiating the price for a tuk tuk. As the time was passing, our bargaining skills were getting better and better.


Our residence in Phuket. This was the first time we stayed in a hotel during the trip. As it turned out, it opened just a year ago. To our excitement, there was a mini-gym and a swimming pool whoch we both used.


The interior decorum is quite impressive.


The room is clean and spacious.


A very nice salad bar – one of out tastiest lunches ever. (Photo taken from Internet).


The food is organic, fresh, and healthy. (Photo taken from Internet).


Veggies are grown in the greenhouse right next to the restaurant. (Photo taken from Internet).


Ready to hit the night!


One of the viewpoints at night


The famous Patong beach after sunset

My biggest impression from that day was on the way back to hotel, when we got lost a bit at night. I stepped out from the car at some store to ask for the way. Two locals – an old man and a middle-aged woman – could hardly speak English. Actually, they did not speak it at all. Yet they were trying really hard to explain where we should turn, gesticulating and showing the way on the map. I was really touched by their willingness to help.

We spent only half a day in Phuket since we arrived quite late, but we had another day waiting for us,



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