Incredible Asia: Langkawi (2)

Our second and final day in Langkawi inlcuded the so-called “island hopping”, visiting one of the several waterfalls, parasailing, and a lot of car-riding.


Ready for departure in the morning


Taking a boat ride to the first island

Rollei Digital Camera

Water is life!

Rollei Digital Camera

Local monkeys are extremely happy to see new targets (us).

Rollei Digital Camera

“Give me food now!”


Swimmnig in the fresh-water lake amidst the island


At the second destination: eagle spot


This cute little beach was the final part of the island-hopping trip.

Rollei Digital Camera

Embracing the beach atmosphere


A waterfull with cool water felt extremely good in the extreme heat.

Rollei Digital Camera

Our car was our best friend.

Rollei Digital Camera

Enjoying amazing views from above


Beautiful sunset at Cenang beach


Final dinner and live guitar at the “Cactus” restaurarnt


Good-bye, Langkawi!



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