Embracing Taekwon-do Tenets: Integrity

The second tenet of taekwon-do is integrity. I will use the same circles analogy as in the previous post to elaborate on this tenet.

The starting point is dojang, or the training hall. For me, integrity in dojang means being honest with your Master, instructors, and training fellows. Besides, it’s being honest with yourself about your progress in taekwon-do.

The next sphere is yourself. Integrity here involves two things in my opinion. First, being honest and self-critical about yourself. Second, being able to stand by your principles and follow your personal commitments. Ultimately, integrity means there is no gap between your thoughts, words, and actions.

Next comes the close circle of family and friends. Integrity here implies keeping promises, as well as being honest towards your close people about who and what they are. For example, if you think your friend does something wrong, you need to tell him/her about it rather then avoid “hurting him/her.” Naked truth is better than a pile of sweet lies.

Finally, there’s the whole world out there. The same principlies from the first three circles apply here. To reiterate, the golden rule, in my judgement, is to make sure your thoughts, words, and deeds are in harmony. This is what integrity means.

Integrity is the simple rule,
of being honest at home and in school.
It’s never cheating when taking a test,
or thinking you’re better that all of the rest.
To lie or steal just wouldn’t be right,
so ty to be honest with all of your might.

©The Academic Taekwondo

Embracing Taekwon-do Tenets:



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