Incredible Asia: Singapore

I did not bring along my laptop to the Southeast Asian trip with friends. I figured that the intensity of experience would not leave much time for regular blog updates. And so it happened. I now reconstruct the whole journey from the draft notes in my cell.

We spent the first day in Singapore exploring the university campus, walking around the city, and solving some logistics issues. That day we did not visit any major sites; our experiences were more local.

My brightest impressions from the day are wandering through the Ghim Moh residential district, dinning out at a local hawker centre (public canteen), and watching the night life at the Ulu Pandan community club.

Even though we did not travel yet, the the journey already began.


Enjoying home-made sweets brought by my friends


My Hungarian favourites: nutellás palacsinta (pancake filled with Nutella) and túrós rétes (strudel filled with cottage cheese). M-m-m…


Mother’s day celebration at the Ulu Pandan CC.


Happy family at the Ghim Moh hawker centre


We are happy too :).


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