Inside Singapore: Changi Beach

This morning a friend of mine and I headed out to the Changi Beach Park for a walk and a swim.

Changi Beach is located quite far – just next to the airport. It stretches for about 3 km between Changi Point in the West and Changi Ferry Terminal in the East.

We first arrived in the Western section, and were somewhat disappointed: crowded, noisy, filled with tents – despite the sign forbidding camping :). After moving to the Eastern part, however, we found the park quite a contrast: serene atmosphere, very few people, broader green area, and cleaner water.

Overall, this was an enjoyable experience, and definitely a great way to start a Sunday morning. For those who seek tranquility in an urbanized space, I highly recommend this beach (the ferry terminal part) despite its remote location.


Map of the Changi Beach park: the best section is on the right.


Welcome to Changi Beach: entrance from the ferry terminal side.


The park is clean and well taken care of – like all parks in Singapore.


People are having picnics, walking, riding bicycles, and just relaxing.


And here is the beach – much bigger than the ones at Sentosa .


A lot of open space. The water is irresistable.


 Changi airport is nearby: planes are taking off and landing all the time.
(Photo courtesy of Aidy_p).


Park staff are having a siesta :).



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