Taekwon-do vs. Boxing

Generally I don’t like watching sparring between disciples of different martial arts. The question which martial art is better is pointless. Youtube has plenty of such fights. “Karate vs. taekwon-do”, “Muay thai vs. karate”, “aikido vs. boxing” – you name it.

But the one below really animated me.

I got excited not because it’s great to see the power, speed, and beauty of taekwon-do, being a practitioner myself. Rather, the video is a great illustration that it doesn’t matter what your practice. What does matter is whether you are a master or not.

From the video it’s obvious that the boxer is in very poor shape. He does’t look like a novice though. The taekwon-doka is a drastic contrast. Not only is he fast, dynamic, and agile, but he also uses boxing techniques like jabs, crosses, and dips!

I don’t know whether the taekwon-doka did boxing before. It’s quite possible. Or his trainer might have incorporated some boxing techniques into the taekwon-do class, like our trainer did.

The point is if you really want to learn and grow, you will look for any opportunity to use the potential of your body, mind, and spirit to the fullest.

This is what a true master should do. Always keep learning.


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