Incredible India: Arambol (Day 7, lat one)

My last day in Arambol was calm, but not without bright emotions. It’s simply impossible in India. Also, somehow during this day I met most of the people that mattered for me during my stay in Arambol.

In the morning I did my exercises on the beach, swam both in the salty and sweet waters of course, had breakfast in the German Bakery, chatted for with Vova from the meditation camp, and read Tessa’s memoirs.


Goodbye, my morning friends.


Goodbye also, my beach friends


Goodbye, Kalacha Beach and the Meditation Foundation people


If you are looking for spiritual practices, come to Arambol; there are plenty of them here. The problem, however, is that it may be hard to find the real thing.


My breakfast at the Germany bakery: French croissant, apple pie, and milk coffee.

In the afternoon I continued reading, sitting in a chair in front of my hut, enjoying the view of the Sweet Lake from top. Afterwards I took a nap, and met Nuri and Nora from the meditation camp to copy a song that I really liked in the New Year’s dancing playlist.

As I was heading for the main Arambol beach for the evening workout, I met Katya, a free artist from Kursk, Russia, who just arrived in the Cottage. I would see her selling her works later on the beach. I also met a girl who performed a beautiful dance the other day on the main beach under the accompaniment of several hand-pans. It turned out she lives in the Sweet Lake Cottage too.

As usual, Arambol beach was full of various people doing various activities – musicians, acrobats, yoga practitioners, artisans from all over the world selling their works, etc. I will miss this super mix of creative energy and diversity. In the crown i met Sasha, a karate master with whom we had trained the other day. We chatted and exchanged our contracts.


Kundalini sunset yoga near the Sweet Lake


Beautiful guitar and crystal ball performance at the Arambol beach


Fire show


Fire show: climax


Musical instruments shops at the market street


I had lived in hut no. 6 for 6 days. Coincidence?

After the workout I had a coffee milk and a lemon cake in the German (in fact, Nepalese) bakery (it became my favourite), and strolled through the night market. The last full day in Arambol was over. Tomorrow I am saying farewell to the place and getting back in the road to catch a return night flight from the Goa International Airport.



2 thoughts on “Incredible India: Arambol (Day 7, lat one)

  1. And then you found a petrol station and then you found Manoj. Just another affirmation of all you have been saying in and between the lines of your inspiring posts. I look forward to flying regularly with your WordPress x

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