Incredible India: Arambol (Day 6)

Intrigued by the meeting with Grisha (day 5), today I decided to explore a the jungle a bit. As the morning started, off I went along the forest train from my hut.


Jungle trail


Thus little stream forms the Sweet Lake


Signs of people


First human detected


And here is the actual living space

Back from the jungle, I did my morning exercises and sat for mil coffee at Dolphin View, where I met Vova with who we hung out the previous night, as well as other people from the meditation camp. Vova and others were starting the 21-day-long Mystical Rose program today at the Meditation Foundation. For one week they laugh; for one week they would cry; and the last week they would meditate.

After breakfast I went to explore the Querim beach north of the Kalacha beach where I stayed.


Sasha whom I met yesterday is training karate in the morning sun. We didn’t find each other for training today, so agreed on for training tomorrow.


The rocks that close the Kalacha beach. To reach the Querim beach, I will need to walk for about 20 minutes through such rocks.


Rocks viewed form the Querim side


The beach can be seen ahead.


Querim beach


I took a mountain trail to get back. In the photo: view on the sea form the hill.


My title of the photo: “Sister and two brothers”


And here is my Kalacha beach seen from the top.

Upon return, I went to the market to do web-check in for my flight from Goa bound in 2 days. For lunch I had a tasty cinnamon roll and a mango pie from the German Bakery (run and owned by the Nepalese) together with fresh banana juice. The German bakery’s deserts are tasty and cheap.


German bakery


Amazing taste


Prices are OK notwithstanding the resort


Inside the bakery


Juice centre not far from the bakery

As I was walking back along the Arambol beach, I saw a group of guys playing volleyball and joined them.


I am about to join this volleyball match


Cute Wi-Fi promotion

With one of the guys I literally crashed when both of us tried taking the ball. This is how I met Roma from Kiev, Ukraine (originally from Lisichansk, an industrial town in the Luhansk oblast’). Roma has travelled extensively throughout Goa, and before that he spent some time in Varanasi. This is one of the places I’d like to visit during some of my next visits to India.

Back to  the Kalacha beach, I had a swim in my favourite Sweet Lake, and relaxed in the hut afterwards. A Russian-speaking couple came over to look for a hut to find them all booked; so I directed them to the huts of the Meditation Foundation, since I had a similar situation.

Later in the afternoon I strolled along the market, an discovered a very tasty and cheap German bakery run by the Nepalese.

The time for the bar exercises came, and I headed to the Arambol beach to have my share. I planned to exercise and than head off for the big concert starting at 7.30 pm with musicians from different countries. It didn’t worked out exactly like this, however; it worked out even better.

At the exercise ground I met Dima, a programmer from Russia, and then Zheka, also a Russian-speaker. We had at least one thing in common – interest in physical work-out. We exercised, talked, and shared out knowledge and experience about working out, diet, different types of sports, and so on. And all this was accompanied by the bright starts and the sound of waves. I learned a great ab exercise. I realized I’d miss the concert, but it felt so good, that I didn’t care.

This night’s work-out experience led me to think about this. One of the things I find amazing about India is that if you are open to the world, you will attract the things and people you need. I mean this happens anywhere anyway, but somehow here this is much more intensive. Another such thing happened also with the concert.

After saying goodbye to the guys and a short swim, I was walking along the beach looking for a place to eat. Intuitively I picked up a place that I felt had a good atmosphere and people. After a great dinner I had no idea which direction to go for the concert, so I asked the staff. The concert was taking place … just behind the restaurant.

The idea of the concert was the following. Many musicians from many countries gathered in one place to improvise with one another. They worked in pairs. After a musician was called on the stage, he had to select a partner. I didn’t enter the concert hall as could hear everything perfectly well behind the bamboo fence; so there was no need to pay the entrance fee. I listened to three compositions. One was hand-pan so popular here and the violin; it was really good. The second was two hand-pans; it was so-so. The third one was the best: hand-pan, flute, and vocals.


Fire next to the concert hall


The stairs up to the Sweet Lake Cottage at night

I was back to my hut around 10 pm. What a fantastic day again. Tomorrow is my last one in Arambol.



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