Incredible India: Arambol (Day 3)

Great day in the idyllic Arambol.

I woke up at 6.30 and went down to the beach. At this hour it was empty. I worked on the blog post for the previous and then proceeded with morning exercises. An amazing feeling to see the sun rising up the hill and feeling its warmth and energy. After taking a short swim in the sea I had another one in the Sweet Lake, I now have a tradition: bathing in the salty water is followed by the fresh one. I really enjoy it.

At the Sweet Lake there was a group of people doing sophisticated yoga postures, like head stands and others. I talked to some of them and discovered that most of them were yoga teachers. No wonder they could perform those complicated asanas with grace and ease.


On the beach after waking up. Nobody is here except me and the dog.


Some people play football.
Some people throw darts.
As for me, I prefer martial arts.


Another dog came buy and lay in the sun.


Sweet Lake in the morning


Yoga teachers are having fun.

I went down for breakfast to the Dolphin View cafe and met Kumar there, a fengshui master that I met yesterday. He’s a very interesting and educated man. We had a great conversation about meditation, yoga, fengshui, magic and the like. I the meantime Nora from the meditation camp came along and asked if I wanted to join for a group tantra meditation. I planned to go out to the fruit market, but decided to join as was curious.

The experience can be described as strange. We worked in pairs. There were instructions and music was played along. We tried one technique followed by meditation. I will not describe the experience here. It was nothing like anything else, but after it I didn’t fee like joining again. I thanked Nora for the new experience anyway. During the session I also met a woman named Devim (meaning Divine), a disciple of Osho. That was rather interesting.


Paragliding is a popular tourist activity in Arambol.


Beach graffiti: I think this is Shiva.


Beautiful, isn’t it?


And another one. All of them can be found on the path between the main Arambol beach and Kalacha beach.

In the afternoon  met some new neighbours from Iran and Russia, and went out to the beach road to get some fruit which I ate upon return. Then I dedicated some time reading the manuscript of Tessa’s book which is fascinating. Towards the evening I walked along the beach at took some photos. I was a bit bewildered to see many people drinking beer and smoking, even though expected this. Many of those were Russian girls.


Rocks between the two beaches


A typical view behind the main Arambol beach: guest houses, arrow street, and many scooters that are popular for rent here.


Main Arambol beach in the peak hour.

At sunset was back on the beach to do evening exercises. Practicing and watching the pink sun sinking into the sea is a stunning feeling. I will miss this when I go.


And these beautiful rocks can be found at the more scenic Kalacha beach. 


A lonely girl named Vika

Having concluded my evening practice with swimming in both salty and sweet waters, I returned to “uncle Sasha’s cabin” and relaxed. As I was reading Tessa’s book at the veranda, a cat showed up and sneezed under the entrance door into my room. I chased her or him away. Then a dog appeared and hung around with me for a while, barking at something in the dark. I went down for a dinner to complete the day.

Thank you, Arambol, for another piece of paradise.


Sunset at the rocks


2 thoughts on “Incredible India: Arambol (Day 3)

  1. You are certainly tempting me to visit Goa next time I come. This time though, having had four days in very different Tamil Nadu, I have decided to come back to Munnar on 20th January for a wedding and the dedication pooja and official opening of Deepak’s new Teashop.
    We are deciding on the name at present.
    I think Place de la Concorde would be good!
    Tomorrow back to Good Karma to get some change of clothes, then return to my friends and ‘family’ in Kovalam again for a week or so by my favourite seaside. Back via Fort Cochin to marvellous (and blessedly cool) Munnar. Four days in Fort Cochin and farewell Incredible India til we meet again.
    Glad you are finding the book interesting.
    Most glad of all that you are obviously happy as a sandboy in Goa 🙂


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