The Way of the Warrior

Some people play football
Some people throw darts
As for me, I prefer martial arts.

The way of the foot and hand
Striking, kicking, until the opponent can’t stand
Training hard, more and more
My life is taekwon-do.

When I put my dobok on
Everything else goes away
I’m a champion of freedom and justice
This is my Way.

Some people play golf
Some go to a bookstore
Me, I practice aikido.

The way of inner harmony
The art of peace
Conflict-solver, character-builder
And stress release.

Any attack will be reversed
It’s like karma – the law of the Universe
White dobok, brown belt, concentration supreme
Dojo is my temple – this is how I feel.

You can’t be a Master if you can’t defeat your fear
It’s the most cunning opponent – it’ll never disappear
Martial arts are not about fighting others
Or collecting medals on the shelf
The only true victory is over yourself.

Inspiration came at Kalachi Beach, Arambol, on 01.01.2016. I am forever indebted to my trainers László Kozák and Kati Dániel, as well as other teachers, for showing me the way.



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