Incredible India: Arambol (Day 2)

What a beautiful day in beautiful Arambol!

Falling asleep and waking up with the sound of waves is a fantastic feeling. I woke up around 9 am absolutely refreshed and walked up the water to do my morning exercises. Afterwards I checked out from the hut of the Meditation Foundation and moved to Sweet Lake Cottage. I loved the hut at first sight – spacious, clean, with a fan, a charger, proper toilet, great view and surrounding. Besides, I managed to negotiate a reasonable price.


Schedule at the meditation camp


Moving to the Sweet Lake Cottage nearby


Buddha Hall of the Meditation Foundation


Inside the Buddha Hall. You can stay live for free if you join the camp. In the middle thee is a natural rock that is lit with candles at night.

After moving in I was sitting in a languid manner at the porch, listening to the hustle-bustle on the beach, watching the people swimming and having fun in the Sweet Lake. It was a great feeling. My neighbours turned out to be a family from Delhi. I spoke for a while with the father who was a flute and Indian drum. How I miss a guitar here! I then went to swim in the Sweet Lake. The water was pleasantly fresh and clean. I noticed some Indians throwing each in the water, and showed our way from childhood how to throw with two people. We had fun!


Inside my room at the Sweet Lake Cottage


There are two sets of shelves to put your stuff on.


The bathroom is in full order.


There is also a hanging stick to put your clothes on …


a ceiling fan …


and even a charger for your phone and laptop, for example.

After a tasty lunch of a mushroom gravy and butter naan I sat at the Dolphin View cafe near the cottage, sipping a lime soda, working on a blog post, and listening to a great chill out and lounge music that makes the atmosphere here even better. As already mentioned, Kalachi beach is quite different from the main one. The former is a more relaxed, hippie style, tranquil place; the latter is really for tourists. In the cafe I also met Nuru from the Netherlands, whom I got to know at the Meditation Foundation the other day. That afternoon a flash of inspiration came down on me, and I wrote a short poem.


View from my hut to the Sweet Lake


People are having fun. I am about to join.

In the evening I went to the Meditation Foundation to try out their meditation, but something went wrong with the schedule, and it was postponed. However, I met two interesting people in the Buddha hall, both Indians. One of them, a younger man, told me I have a fit body, and that he wanted to lose weight, so he was looking for advice. I liked his directness, and told my opinion in the matter that I always give to anyone else. If you want to lose weight, you simply need to: a) eat less; b) move more. We also talked for a while about different martial arts, different sports, and their effect on health and physical fitness.

The other man named Kumar turned out to be an accomplished fengshui consultant in Goa who has worked for 15 years in the area mainly with corporate clients. We had an engaging conversation about yoga and fengshui, and I saw that he was a real specialist indeed.


Chilling out on the beach


Traditional sunset photo

It was already sunset time, so enjoyed spending it near the the water practicing yoga, taekwon-do, and physical exercises. After a shower and dinner I went for a stroll towards the main beach. On the way back a group of three guys (two of them looked Indian, the other one looked European) approached and asked where they could find Russian girls. I laughed to myself and asked why they thought I knew. They replied I looked like Russian, and asked whether I like Russian girls :). I replied in turn that I like all girls. I explained in which places I saw many Russian ladies (indeed there are quite a few of them here) and wished them to find what they were looking for.

I also met two Russian guys that day. One of them – Zhenya – lived in the meditation camp. With the other one I had a brief but unforgettable conversation. It happened on my way to the cottage and went like this:

  • Privet! (Hi in Russian), the guy said.
  • Privet, I replied. How are you? The guy looked bewildered.
  • You speak Russian, right?, I double-checked.
  • Yes.
  • What’s your name?
  • Grisha.
  • So you live here?
  • I live everywhere.
  • What do you mean?
  • I live mainly here in the jungle.
  • ??? – Like a Maugli?
  • Yeah, something liked that.

I was taken aback and moaned something like: “See you around” to which Grisha wished me Happy New year. The guy wasn’t joking about the jungle for sure; he looked a bit wild and thin.

Yes, you can meet all sorts of people at Arambol beach :).


My residence at night. Very cozy, great for reading or playing music on the porch at this time.


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