Incredible India: from Munnar to Kannur

Before leaving Munnar, I had an appointment for an Ayurveda oil massage at 8.30 am at the Swati Ayurveda Centre. I decided to walk there to warm up before the procedure. On my half-way I meet Muru, our guide and driver from the yesterday’s trip, who kindly offered me a lift on his motorbike. I decided to stick to my decision though.

The treatment started at 8.30 as scheduled. The procedure I chose is called shirodhara (oil massage), and includes an extensive use of the original Ayurvedic oils. The session included one-hour full body massage with the use of oil, and ten 20 minutes of dipping oil onto my forehead from a special hanging jar. I especially liked the last part which was very relaxing.


This is how it looks like. The image is taken from the Internet as apparently I was unable to take photos at that moment 🙂  

On my way to the train station I met Tessa and we had a final chat in Munnar at breakfast. Afterwards Tessa introduced me to the J family in the JJ Cottage where she was staying, the family that was mentioned in her beautiful poem Home from Home:

Farewell Jesni, Jenson and Jackson
farewell Mr. and Mrs. Jane;
farewell to Murugan and your lovely babes
your daughters, your wife and your watchful care… 

The bus to Kochi was a pleasant 4-hour ride, faster than to Munnar as we didn’t stop at small villages this time. After taking two local buses I reached the North (Tower) train station, from where the train to Kannur was leaving that night. The timing was great. I decided to stop at Kannur on my way to Goa as recommended by Tessa, as there was an interesting temple in a village nearby, and a religious ritual was to take place from 6 till 9 o’clock.

That night at the railway station I had three interesting meetings. First, I met a middle-aged couple Ajid and Reka who visited Fort Kochi during their vacation. I shared my experience in India with them, and we took a selfie 🙂 Second, a group of four entrepreneurs trading with ropes made from coconut skin. The men invited me to their village in Kerala. Finally, a 19-year-old Gopesh studying stewardship at the private aviation institution in Kochi.


While waiting for the training, read an amazing story about a differently able girl in the Hindu newspaper. 

So the day was full of emotions and new people, as it has been so far 🙂 An overnight journey to Kannur was lying ahead.


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