Incredible India: Varkala Beach (Day 5, last one)

My last day in Varkala and in Shiva Garden, and it was fantastic.

Started off with the group yoga session – today there were 10 people in our small but cosy room, the most I have seen so far. After the practice I thanked the teacher and took photos of the inspirational quotes hanging in the practice room.




Guys from our dorm waking up 🙂 The other group practice will be inside.


Group yoga and massage room 


A few inspirational quotes from Dalai Lama and Buddha.




When I went down, I discovered that Amy was tuning up a small black guitar that, as it turned out, was in the office. The guitar was really badly tuned, and I tried to change it with little success, as the strings were very old and rusty. The amazing thing was that I thought the other day it’d be nice having a guitar at Shiva Garden – and there you go! It was same with the exercise bar. Somehow here wishes materialized quite fast.


Our lazy dogs – also residents of the Shiva Garden.

I went out to buy some fruit at a local supermarket called Krishna store. Near the supermarket I also found my favourite tea and sweets street stall, where I sat down for a snack. Later on we returned here for lunch with Neil and Guillaume to have our vegetarian tali.


Christmas is very near.


Cool arts along the main road.


One of the many yoga centers around.


A local supermarket where you can find anything.


 Local street stalls offer the best food. 


Communist political party has a strong influence in Kerala. 


Approaching the Shiva Garden. I will miss this rustic road.

In the afternoon Amy and played the guitar, and Amy also brought our Indian drums from the office. It’s amazing that our lodge revealed new things every day 🙂 And one more amazing musical thing happened. A flute master came down with a bunch of bamboo flutes to have a talk and play his instruments. He was a famous flute master who made flutes himself and played them for 32 years. I held one flute and it felt so light, and when the master played the sound was so pure and melodic. The man was a wondering master, travelling from place to place, and giving private lessons and concerts once in a while.

After lying lazily in the hammock with a book on Southern India (new thing discovered at Shiva Garden – a mini library), I exercised in the yard and went to the beach where I bought a couple of souvenirs and met Ellanah and Guillaume from the dorm. I had my last swim in Varkala, and we watched the sunset together. It was great. I was sucking in every minute of my last day in this wonderful place.

We had a common dinner after the beach, with Amy and Sofia joining in, and it was great again :). The conversations we had were deep, engaging, and memorable. The last hours of that evening will stand out in my memory vividly for a long time. We were sitting in a group telling the jokes, enjoying the candy dessert organized by Guillaume, and playing the “cop” card game. It was fantastic and a bit sad at the same time, as I knew I’d be missing the place and the people.


My farewell souvenirs from Varkala Beach – a notebook and a wallet both made with a cool design.


More and more Christmas decorations can be seen. 

Varkala, Kerala is a very warm place in all respects – warm climate, warm sea, and above all, warm people, both locals and guests.

It’s amazing how one place can combine all types of vacation – resort in its classical sense, retreat for those seeking spiritual growth, and a rural setting of a village.

Whether you are a family man, a hippie, or a pensioneer – Varkala will cater for your needs. I’ve seen all of these and other people here.

A part is always a reflection of the whole. I know that India is as diverse as this town. In less than one week my relationship with the country became clear.

Thank you, Varkala, for the chance to calm down after the hustle-bustle of travelling, to practice sports and yoga, to enjoy the ocean and nature, and to make new wonderful friends. It’s time to move on.


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