Incredible India: Varkala Beach (Day 4)

The morning started early with writing up impressions from the previous days. Afterwards there was a yoga class from the Nepalese teacher. It was even better than yesterday. And I finally got some advice on how to correct my headstand.

After exploring the northern part off the main Varkala beach, today I headed for the south. I discovered a long beach with white sand, where at this hour puja (worshipping) was taking place. From the outside it resembled some market, but at closer look you realized the Indians were actually doing the ritual.



Looks like people selling stuff on the beach, but it’s actually pooh under umbrellas.


You would never tell this looks like worshipping.  


View on the Varkala Beach from the south.

After the beach I went for a stroll along the road towards the temple, where I had a quick lunch with traditional masala dosa and chai. The place is very local, with mainly Indians eating here. On the way back I stopped by a bronze souvenir shop run by a man from Kashmir, and also had my portion of local sweets and chai on the road.

In the afternoon I watched Ang-Hariette performing on the balancing rope that James and her brought as a present for Shiva Garden. I tired balancing myself, first standing, then sitting, and it was much harder that it seemed. Then swimming in my favourite recently-discovered Odayam beach followed. I absolutely loved it.




Nice green house in palms at the Temple Junction. 


Masala dosa and a cup of chai (tea) – a great and healthy meal.  


Great exercise for balancing.

Later on I did some strength exercises in our yard. How wonderful it is to have all those simple but effective facilities nearby! Some new people arrived to our lodge, Kris and Quentin, and we had a chat.

Towards the evening I was bound for the main beach to watch the sunset, as I’ve never seen it here yet. It was great to exercise on the beach, swim after that, and then watch the Kerala sun come down over the sea, with people having fun in the water and on the ground.


Sunset at Varkala Beach


The sun is sinking gracefully into the water.


People are having fun. Great atmosphere around.


The dog guarding the kids 🙂


After sunset: view on the sea from the cliff.


Christmas is coming.

Christmas approaching, in many places there decorations and lamps already, even in small kiosks. In our Shiva Garden there will be a big Christmas party, I’ve heard it’s fantastic from those who already experienced it. However, I decided tomorrow would be my last day in Varkala. It’s been great to stop here, calm down after the hustle-bustle of travelling, enjoy the nature, doing yoga and sports, and especially enjoying all the great people around. Now I feel it’s time to move on, as many things are still lying ahead, and I will have time to relax n Goa too after being on the road and having new adventures and discoveries.



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