Incredible India: Kanyakumari, The Meeting Point of Three Great Seas (continued)


Exploring the local market


Next to the market – entrance to the biggest Hindu temple in town. Every morning at 5.30 the priests from this temple do puja on the beach. I’ll witness that the following day.


Some other religious-looking building, don’t know what that was.


A beautiful couple


On the way back through the market again – looks like I am about to the attacked 🙂


Indian women


Two women selling on the ground


I ran into the “Wandering Monk” exhibition also dedicated to Swami Vivekananda, since he ended his spiritual pilgrimage in Kanyakumari. The exhibition a biographical portrayal of Vivekananda’s life via bronze pictures accompanied by photographs and stories.


This story is about perseverance and courage. When in Varanasi, Swami was chased by a troop of monkeys. At some point a monk called him out and told to face the brutes. Since then Vivekananda learned to always face the problems rather than evade them. 


Another story is about Swami’s encounter with a tiger in the jungle. Then former was so devoted to serving the God that calmly prepared to give away his body to feed the hungry animal. Yet the tiger sat down calmly instead, and afterwards walked away. In my opinion, this is a story about determination.  


Elephant here too guarding the museum. Exiting the museum I met Anna who stayed in an ashram 3 hours away practicing yoga and meditation. It was visible that she enjoyed so much what she was doing. I mentioned I was going to Varkala next, and Anna said she heard of good yoga teachers there. So it’s on my list.


Finishing the post with the same shot towards the evening.

At night I went out to the beach where lots of people were walking and talking. The market was still running even after sunset. Today was relatively calm and relaxing. Tomorrow at sunrise I am watching worshipping at the beach (puja), and then continuing my journey to Varkala. So I am saying goodbye to the state of Tamil Nadu, and looking forward to Kerala.



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