Incredible India: Kanyakumari (P. S.), Or Intuition Counts

India is truly incredible.

After I finished my previous post, I came out to the main street of Kanyakumari. I felt an urge to go the nearby kiosk where I had tea that day. I ordered my evening tea and sat next to the person who looked like an Indian, but spoke perfect American English. It turned out he was a famous American show actor who was travelling around India, his second visit in the country after 30 years.

I don’t feel like mentioning his name. The person is apparently quite famous, even though I’ve never heard of him (as I don’t watch American shows). The man was around together with celebrities like Janice  Joplin and Mother Theresa. I didn’t have a camera with me to take a photo, and that was for the best. Because some moments are too precious to be vulgarized with a regular “Can I have a photo with you?” or things like that.

Meeting a famous actor in some God-forbidden tea stall in a town where India actually ends. We had an amazing conversation about India, US, Singapore, people, luck vs. work, and many other topics. This was THE best moment of the day. All it took is just follow an urge to drop by the shop.

My lesson from India that day: intuition counts, just listen to it.


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