3 Golden Rules of Time Management


They are very simple and difficult.

A paradox, huh?

RULE #1: Time is not money. Time is much more than money.

This is more a principle than a rule. It’s the foundation of everything else.

Just think for a while how privileged we are – having an invaluable resource FOR FREE – our time. Pink Floyd sang that “money is gas”. Well, time is oxygen in this case. With proper effort and self-discipline – and sometimes extreme discipline – you can convert your time to virtually anything.

Time is ingredient number one for making a dream come true.

Yet it is so often just wasted. Maybe because it’s free?

Because it’s free, however, doesn’t mean it’s endless. We are all gonna die. Or transform. Or reincarnate. It all depends on your beliefs. Perhaps you could escape taxes, but not death.

What will you leave behind you? A life full of meaning and purpose, or just a grey episode in a myriad of others? Rule #1 can set your mind on the right track leading to self-fulfillment instead of self-pity and misery.

RULE # 2: We always have time for what we really need. 

Based on my observation, “I don’t have time” is the most popular excuse for lack of action.

How about starting cooking yourself? You don’t have time.

How about doing morning exercises? You don’t have time.

How about spending more time with the loved ones? You don’t have time, of course.

The truth is, we always have time for what we REALLY need.

If you REALLY want to train, you will find time for the gym. If you REALLY want a new job, you will work your ass off for it. If you REALLY need a relationship, you will find time for that too.

Lack of time is the best pre-text for one of the biggest sins – laziness.

So how to motivate yourself to find more time?

Just stay in shit.

RULE # 3: The more things we need to do, the more time we have.

Another paradox, huh? Of yeah, life is full of them.

This rule flows out logically from the previous one.

Notice I didn’t say “have to do”; I said “need to do”. There’s an eternity of difference between the two. ‘Have’ is something that is imposed externally. It is against your will, in other words.

Of course we all HAVE to do tons of things as social beings. Yet we are more inclined to do them if we have a NEED for them. ‘Need’ is something that is born inside. It is your sincere wish and desire. Sincere need begets energy for its realization. Hence you find time.

There is an option, of course, to try to turn as many ‘have-to’s into ‘need-to’s as possible. To paraphrase Spinoza, freedom is acknowledged necessity.

My deepest wish is that this short post would be found useful by at least one of my fellow human beings.

P. S. Feel free to refer to and use some of the free materials on time management here.



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