My Definition Of Success

There are hundreds of keys to success. In my understanding, success is the ability to manifest your values in life.

It’s that simple.

Values, however, can vary greatly. They are not just some abstract ideas, and are more tangible than it may seem. A value is your understanding of what is important to your own self. For example, wealth, growth, family, self-actualization, serving others, etc.

People act on their values and beliefs. They set goals based on their values. They buy things based on their values. They choose hobbies and who to communicate with based on these same values. Besides, every single day gives an opportunity to realize values.

As already mentioned, values can be different, and this is totally OK. For example, my two guiding sets are the three values by Viktor Frankl (creation, perception, attitude), and the Indian four temples (material well-being, joy, public service, spiritual growth). In fact, these two approaches have much in common.

What is important, we have to continuously realize our values to be successful. It’s not something that just happens. It’s a never-ending process.

So what happens in the long run?

If we manage to adhere to our values and act on our beliefs, we make our lives meaningful.

To sum up, success is the ability to make one’s life meaningful via implementing his or her values.


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