Castaneda And Frankl: A Bridge Between Esoterics And Psychology

Carlos Castaneda and Viktor Frankl are undoubtedly some of the greatest thinkers (and practitioners!) humanity has ever produced.

While they took different approaches in their lives – i.e esoterics and psychology – quite many connections can be made between the two.

One obvious common thing is the idea of responsibility that is a cornerstone for both authors.

Castaneda says that in order to be efficient you need to take on responsibility for your own life and accept the fate as it is. This is the difference between a warrior and an average man.

Frankl in essence tells the same. Responsibility, together with freedom and spirituality, is a pillar of human existence.

No matter which approach or tradition we may prefer, both of them share the same profound point. We are the ones who are responsible for our lives. And if we want to have things we’ve never had, we must do things we’ve never done.

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3 thoughts on “Castaneda And Frankl: A Bridge Between Esoterics And Psychology

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