The Pillars Of Human Existence: Spirituality, Freedom and Responsibility

Note: translated from Russian, highlighted by me.

Spirituality, freedom and responsibility are three human’s existentials. Not only do they characterize human existence, but they also constitute the same. In this sense spirituality is not just man’s feature, but rather his constituting peculiarity. Spiritual is not only present in human beings in addition to the corporal and psychic like in animals. Spiritual is what distinguishes man from anything else, what is essential in him and only for him.

A plane remains a plane of course when moving on the ground. It can and it constantly has to move on the ground! But only when up in the air it proves to be a plane. Likewise man starts acting like man only when he is able to overcome the inherent psycho-physical conditions of his organism.

This possibility is true existence, and to exist means to constantly go beyond your own self.

Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

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