Education Must Raise Consumers

According to Andrey Fursenko, former Minister of Education of the Russian Federation. In 2007 Mr. Fursenko became notorious for telling at the Seliger youth forum the following:

The drawback of the Soviet system of education was its attempt to bring up a creative individual. Today’s task is to raise a consumer qualified to use the results of creativity of others.

In my opinion, Mr. Fursenko was just too honest. The global task that he highlighted can be ascribed to many educational systems, not only to those in the post-Soviet territories.

Such a direct declaration goes in line with Sir Ken Robinson’s claim that schools kill creativity.

What can we do in this regard?

To begin with, parents should help their children embrace a core principle: it’s not education, but learning that matters.

Never-ending learning approach is essential to develop bright and creative individuals capable to use their potentials to the fullest and make a positive change in the world.


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