Holy Trinity

What is health?

The first thing that comes to our minds is physical health, i.e. absence of sicknesses in our bodies.

Some go further to say that mental health is also important, meaning a balanced attitude to the world, positive thinking, etc. are as important as physical fitness.

Others add that spiritual development is indispensable for a personal well-being.

Yet the holistic approach to health means body, soul and spirit are inseparable.

I like to formulate it like this – every body has an imprint of a spirit.

Also, we may think of ourselves not only as as bodies with soul and spirits, but also as spirits using bodies to manifest themselves in the physical world.

In other words, each element of the three relates to and affects each other.

Based on the above, what is the best investment we can make here and now?

Very simple.

Change your shoes and go out jogging. 🙂


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