Every Wall Is A Door

This saying is attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, a brilliant and inspirational American essayist, philosopher, and mystic.

We all have obstacles and difficult situations in our lives. And all of them have a reason.

No matter what the reason is, we also have a choice to either move on or surrender when facing a challenge.

I believe brick walls are one of the biggest blessings. For they can teach us self-awareness, perseverance, and patience.

It may happen that a wall will never be broken – no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps it was never meant to be.

Yet even in these cases we are granted an opportunity to try. And this is a door in such a case – a rewarding experience of realizing that trying is much better when compared to regretful thoughts of not having done so.

The truth is simple.

No matter how hard our days might be, there will always be a crystal of a precious learning experience in the end. We therefore need to accept with an open heart and joy any challenges that our destines throw at us.

This is, in fact, a mindset of a warrior.

Change what you cannot accept, and accept what you can’t change.


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