Give Up in Order to Win

Life gives opportunity to learn every day.

One of my recent lessons is that sometimes you need to give up your goal in order to achieve it.

Or perhaps it’s not just sometimes? Maybe it’s a universal principle?

That could be.

My philosophy has always been not to give up. Now I claim one needs to do so. I can formulate this as a paradox (at first sight):

Never give up on your goal.
Give it up to achieve it.

By not giving up I mean a very simple thing: try on and on until you succeed. Perspiration, perseverance and patience are keys to success.

By giving up I mean your goal must not eclipse everything else in your life. It must not cross out the feeling of here and now. A goal must be just one of many side lights, not the end of the journey.

Any goal lies in future by definition, yet the focus must stay in present.

By relaxing and enjoying the present moment we reach our goals much quicker than if we would be completely absorbed by a future achievement.


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