Farewell to Democracy

Democracy has been dead for a while now.

Power is not vested in the people. The real power belongs to the corporate capital institutionalized in transnational corporations, banks and global financial oligarchies.

We live in the era of corporatocracy, not democracy. Democracy is nothing but a theater show where everyone plays an assigned role.

This is not a theory of conspiracy. This is harsh, bitter, disgusting reality.

Corporate capitalism is global in character. If the world government does or will ever exist, it will be organized via a network principle, not a centralized one.

National governments, however, are local. This is why nation-states are an obstacle to capitalism, and this is why all national governments are corrupt as they are easily turned into advocates of global corporate interests.

To make it simple, the sovereignty of the state has been replaced by the sovereignty of the market.

And here is a dilemma.

If we assume that:

– transnational capitalism is the root cause for social, economic and ecological disruptions
– capital’s insatiable growth for expansion triggers injustice and inequality globally
– there exist other avenues beyond capitalism leading to a more balanced society

then the long-term solutions cannot be local. Inevitably, they will be local in the beginning Yet  they must target to become global in order to provide a viable alternative to capitalism.

In other words – working local, thinking global.

And this is where network communities can optimistically have a bright future. Self-governing communities of mankind united via a network principle is a plausible alternative to the transnational capitalism. 

I believe mankind can become united in face of the rising challenges.

The question, however, is what price will be paid for that.


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