Kindness Must Come Along with Fists

If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also.

This sounds familiar, isn’t it?

And how many of us – whether devoted Christians or not – act according to this principle?

Me – never.

Not because I believe more in science than in religion. Nor because I refute the power of kindness and love.

I just believe that kindness and love must come along with fists (both literally and figuratively).

It’s that simple.

Strong, kind people must be able to defend themselves and the ones they care for. They must be able to protect what they love, nurture and cherish. They must be able to stand up and fight when there’s no other choice.

So if someone ever slaps me on one cheek (if I would allow that situation to happen at first instance), I will make sure that an attacker will lose every wish to do that again.


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