Adam and Eve Were Right

They sure were when they took an apple from that garden.

The apple tree symbolizes knowledge and truth-seeking. By no wonder it was a serpent who “tricked” the first humans on Earth to taste an apple. For serpent symbolizes profound wisdom.

It’s no wonder either that God (at least that “early version” of God) prohibited Adam from eating. Religion and science seldom go together. Religious mind and that seeking truth despite all dogmas contradict each other.

I don’t need God who would prohibit me from understanding the Universe.

But the funniest is this: science is closer to God than religion.

Not sure if the Christian omnipotent God realizes that.


Adam Eve Riddle


4 thoughts on “Adam and Eve Were Right

  1. According to the story in Genesis, the Omnipotent One did not want mankind (adam and eve) to attain the same level of godhood. Therefore, he took away access to the Tree of Knowledge by manipulating man’s DNA down to two stands. Pretty diabolical, right?


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