Tsuneo Ando on the Main Goal of Aikido

Sensei Tsuneo Ando is an 8th dan master of Yoshinkan aikido. His views on the goal of aikido reflect the philosophy of peace and love embedded in this Japanese martial art by its founder O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Interestingly – but not surprisingly – the words of Ando Sensei on the essence of aikido have a lot in common with the views of other masters on the purpose of their respective martial arts.

The main goal of aikido is not just to learn how to fight or defend yourself, but to learn how to pacify an opponent so that he loses his intention to attack you. The purpose of learning aikido is to replace desire to attack with joy and surprise with the mastery of an aikidoka. That is why by training we not only practice techniques, but also create an atmosphere of harmony and joy.

Aikido aims to make a person stronger, teach him to act, take decisions and hold responsibility for his deeds. Today martial arts are not used to wage wars. Their main purpose is to educate robust individuals capable to become mature members of society.


3 thoughts on “Tsuneo Ando on the Main Goal of Aikido

  1. Very interesting though I have never done martial arts. Totally agree with the idea. And doing something for the self-development is better than doing nothing and helps to avoid war, any conflicts. There should be much more space for peace and love in the world.

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