Keiji Tomiyama on the Essence of Martial Arts

Sensei Keiji Tomiyama 7th Dan is a well-known and accomplished Karate master.

In one of his interviews in the Russian Dan Test TV program Sensei Tomiyama was asked about “the highest goal of martial arts”.

His answer is worth to be heard by every martial arts practitioner who strives not only for fighting well, but also for personal growth and self-development.

In japan there is a notion of budoku – the warrior’s virtue. This is the highest level we need to reach for – display virtue while training. A person who practices marital arts must be peaceful and create a peaceful aura around himself. Not showing aggression, not fighting for money or for some awards and prizes. Create peace inside yourself and around yourself – that is the highest purpose of martial arts practice.

By the way, this echoes with the Jigoro Kano’s idea about the highest level of judo – bringing positive contributions to the society.

And by no surprise it is also the concluding sentence of the taekwon-do oath:

I shall build a more peaceful world.



4 thoughts on “Keiji Tomiyama on the Essence of Martial Arts

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