Sun Hunter

sunThe Sun is the energy center for our planetary system.

Like all suns, it always emits energy into the environment. This energy makes life possible. Without sun rays there wold be no life on Earth, even in its simplest forms. We depend directly on the sun.

Strangely enough, civilized people seem to be afraid of the sun. They make their rooms shady, they wear clothes covering their bodies from top to bottom, and tend to avoid sun light.

We need to eradicate this habit.

By the way, using the sun does not mean frying yourself at mid-day. It rather means enjoying the light, not the heat.

The best and healthiest time for sunbathing is at sunrise. There is nothing better than watching the sun rising slowly but steadily, and exposing yourself to the first glimpses of a new day.

So let’s open up our rooms and fill our homes and ourselves with health, strength and vitality.


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