A Tip For Fighting Procrastination

Do you procrastinate?

I used to a lot, both at work and in my personal life.

Procrastination is a popular word for putting off things you should be doing now. Important, urgent things. Submitting a report to your boss. Solving an important client’s issue. Taking an important decision in your personal life.

By the way, procrastination is not only doing nothing while you should be acting. If you’re doing something else instead of doing that thing, you are also procrastinating.

Why is procrastination so bad?

Because it melts your discipline and will of power. And the other way round – not procrastinating strengthens your discipline and sharpens your will of power.

Since I didn’t (and don’t) like procrastination, I came up with one simple method how to fight it.

Every time I am about to procrastinate, I take 3 simple steps:

1. Promise myself a reward.

2. Complete the action.

3. Get the reward.

It really does help.

Say I complete a tedious routine task and get myself a cup of tea afterwards. Or call the client on the phone and then check out the latest international news.

This doesn’t sound complicated, and it is effective.

After all, as already mentioned overcoming procrastination trains your will, which is a pre-requisite for success. And each day brings tons of opportunities to do such a training.


One thought on “A Tip For Fighting Procrastination

  1. Oh! I am so guilty of this. One of my strategies is to use lists. But I also find that I can get into such heavy procrastination mode that I avoid looking at my lists! Another thing is to look at your lists and choose three things that MUST happen today, whatever it takes.

    What I found highly effective at one point in my life is a methodology I found in the early 20th century book “The Science of Getting Rich”. I know: it’s a very crass-sounding materialistic title, but it’s actually a good book, if you take it for what it is. It’s an early 20th century book arising from the New Thought movement. So you have to ignore some of the outdated language and ideas and recognize the essence.

    So the method is essentially this:

    You spend time on building up a living image of what you want your life to be like in the future, putting in as much detail as possible; your home, your work, your relationships, your activities, etc. And then, every time you sit down to work on anything, you close your eyes and briefly see this picture of your future. When you open your eyes and start to work, you make the connection between your work and the future you are working on creating. You tell yourself, “I am doing this work (and doing it to the BEST of my abilities!) in order to create the future I am after.”

    There were many things Marx was wrong about, but the one thing he nailed on the head was the destructive effect of alienation from one’s work. If you don’t really feel the purpose behind your work (except that someone else is getting rich from it) you feel separated from it. You get disempowered. This is a remedy. If you always keep in mind WHY you are doing things, you feel more motivated. AND… you procrastinate less.

    Now let’s see if I (the king of the procrastinators) can put this advice into action.


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