Planned Vs. Impulse Buying

How often do you go out to a supermarket and buy “extra stuff” in addition to the one planned?

A pair of socks. A cheap dessert. A whatnot.

It happens to me occasionally, and I don’t like this at all. Yet impulse buying seems to be quite common today.

I remember going out to a K-Mart with a friend of mine several years ago. My friend was cooking a chicken in the oven for us that night, and he needed to buy one lemon to sprinkle over the dish. When we arrived to the K-Mart, he bought just one lemon, while I got a bunch of groceries which didn’t plan to purchase at all.

I recollect that moment many times, as I do realize how strong you need to be today – in the consumption society drowned in advertising and marketing – in order to resist the urge to buy things you don’t need.

Yeah, I think that’s the essence of marketing. Make you spend money you don’t have for things you don’t need.

My friend told me that night: “If you can’t save a dollar, you will never save a million”.

Looking back, I know he was damn right. My financial discipline leaves much to be desired. And impulse buying is the main obstacle here.

As a solution for now, I try to plan in advance what I need to buy, make a list, and stick to it when doing shipping. It does not always work, but it helps.

Do you have any experience of handling the problem? What is your preferred method? How effective is it?

Any comments are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Planned Vs. Impulse Buying

  1. My sister has a tendency to purchase interesting items that she wasn’t intending to buy while she’s doing her grocery shopping. For this reason, she’ll ask her husband to do the shopping instead as he’s sure to stick to the list.

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