Horoscope Compatibility: Truth Or Fake?

wedding-horoscope-450Back in my teens I used to have fun trying to match my horoscope sign with the opposite sex.

Actually, it wasn’t just fun. It was damn serious.

Since my sign is Cancer, I knew “my match” would be either Scorpio or Pieces. At least every horoscope book said so.

So every time I met a girl I liked, I was trying to figure out her date of birth. In case she was either a Scorpio or a Pieces. my inner voice shouted ‘Bingo!”. And every time she was something else, it said “Not your type”.

Today I believe that astrology does make sense. Simply because we are always influenced by our environment, including the planets, the Sun and the Moon. The question, however, whether astrological prescriptions are a must-to-follow, or there is space for choice.

And I sincerely believe there is. As already raised in the previous post, man is capable to transcend his heredity and environment. No matter which genes he inherits and which circumstances he faces, a person always has his will and freedom of choice.

When you read a Zodiac description, and it says Scorpios are quick-tempered, for example, this is just a character inclination, and not the final verdict. And by no means an astrological background is an excuse for the drawbacks of one’s character.

This is the beauty oi human existence. Nature gives us building blocks to create our lives from: genes, inclinations, bodies. Yet we are the general constructors who create our own Lego worlds.

And as for love and Zodiac matching, let me finish off with a quote by Erich Fromm from his inspiring book The Art Of Loving:

Love isn’t something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.


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