My Favourite Day Of The Week

48769-Get-Off-Facebook-Its-SaturdayIf it exists, then it’s Monday, or Thursday, or Saturday, but not Friday, like for many people.

I rarely have this common feeling in the office “It’s Friday again!”. I believe living from Friday to Friday is one of the worst things you can do. What about the rest of the days? Gone? Deleted? Doesn’t matter?

I really like Monday, for example (not always, but in most cases). And also Tuesday. Wednesday can be hard sometimes, so Thursday feels better.

And Friday … somehow I’m a bit sad on this day though glad too. Perhaps because I feel time flies so fast that another week is gone in the blink of an eye.

So when everybody around says “Friday again!”, I may say the same to myself – but rather with puzzlement than excitement.

The real excitement comes on Saturday which is in between the working weeks.

I guess whether you are an office employee with a 5/2 shift, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur also counts. Yet in any case it’s worth finding positive moments in every single day.

But for now – Saturday is here :).


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